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Costa Nova

Costa Nova is a small fishing village located by the Northern Atlantic Coast. A well-known holiday spot since the 19th century for Portuguese families, famous for its wooden houses painted in colorful stripes and fresh seafood, served daily in the local restaurants.

Inspired by this tradition and the Mediterranean lifestyle of enjoying shared meals Costa Nova brand was launched, combining ancient European craft tradition, elegant design and quality to create fine stoneware pieces.

Costa Nova is recognized worldwide for designing and producing high quality tableware and accessories with a reinvented classic and timeless style.
Using the best natural resources in Portugal, Costa Nova pieces are known for its color and exceptional durability, offering an endless range of combinations to create the perfect setting for each occasion.

Not all stoneware is created equally. In fact there is no universal standard definition of stoneware and the term is frequently misused to describe other ceramic products. All our products are made in a single firing system heated up to 1180ºC (2160ºF). This original formula of high-fired stoneware creates a glazed surface wich is very resistant to both thermal and mechanical shocks, chip resistance and everyday use.

Costa Nova stoneware is manufacture in a modern production site close to the Costa Nova Village. The factory is set amongst pine tree groves. In keeping with the natural beauty of the area, and because of our serious commitment to the environment, the factory is “state of the art” environmentally safe. All the best procedures for waste processing and recycling are used, and the employees work in a clean and safe environment. Our stoneware products are eco-friendly, reusable, and recyclable. Single firing technology saves energy and reduces emissions into the atmosphere.