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Mandolines & Slicers

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    Fante's Aunt Marisa's Double Mezzaluna

    Fante's Aunt Marisa's Double Mezzaluna Rocking Mincer quickly transforms ingredients with a speed and efficiency that's unmatched by knives to save time during food preparation. Made in Italy, this versatile addition to cutlery and chef knives helps...

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    HIC Spiral Slicer

    HIC Spiral Slicer   HIC s Easy-Turn Spiral Vegetable Slicer quickly makes julienne cut vegetables for salads, stir frys, spiral pasta dishes, even soups and stews.  The ideal julienne veggie slicer for cooking quick healthy meals and eating...

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    Mrs Anderson's Baking Apple Peeling Machine

    This handy tool peels and cores apples and potatoes quickly and easily. Great when you have a basket of apples to prepare for pies, tarts or applesauce, or a bushel of potatoes for mashing. Slice and core--or just peel! The suction mount holds securely...

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    Rapid Slicer

    The Rapid Slicer is the SAFE and EASY way to save you time in the kitchen!Slice a multitude of cherry tomatoes, grapes, olives and other small fruits and vegetables with a single pass, while the Rapid Slicer holds them in place. It's also great for...

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    Trudeau 2 N 1 Avocado Slicer

    Trudeau 2 N 1 Avocado Slicer Slicing avocado's have never been easier!! Trudeau's 2 N 1 Avocado Slicer offers a unique 2 tools in 1 design. One side slices and the other side has a pitter to remove the pit. Stainless Steel blades. Soft comfortable handle...

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    Trudeau Spiral Slicer

    Want to cook attractive dishes and eat well? Trudeau's Spiral Slicer can help you do just that. Whether it's to prep meals faster on those busy weekdays, maintain a healthy diet or impress guests at your next dinner, the easy-to-use Spiral Slicer...

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