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    PoppinLids All Purpose Lid Opener - Grey

    All purpose opener, Pop off caps or twist off water & soda lids. For twist off caps, place opening over top and rotate. Opening has large and small side to fit most lids. For Caps, hinge over cap side and lift. Dishwasher safe Made in Germany from...

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    Trudeau Original Wing Corkscrew

    Trudeau  Original Wing Corkscrew An original Trudeau design, this Wing Corkscrew adds elegance and ease to uncorking wine bottles. It rests on the bottle while its long lever arms pull synthetic or natural corks. Guests will surely eye this sleek...

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  • Trudeau Bottle Opener (TR0971506) Trudeau Bottle Opener (TR0971506)

    Trudeau Bottle Opener

    Pop open a bottle of beer or hard cider after a long day at work with this easy-to-use Trudeau Origin Black Chrome Bottle Opener. The shiny black chrome 4.75” bottle opener has a ribbed gripping section to unscrew caps of all sizes. The black...

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