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Double Boiler

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    de Buyer Bain-Marie Double Boiler - 1.6 Quart

    de Buyer Bain-Marie Double Boiler - 1.6 Quart   The Bain-Marie double boiler with stainless steel shell is ideal for heating at low temperatures to melt chocolate, heat milk, prepare sauces or creams, maintain temperature of preparations and to...

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    Nonstick Universal Double Boiler

    Fits most 1- to 3-quart sauce pans. For delicate sauces and melting chocolate over controlled, low heat. Nonstick ease. AluminumInterior Dimensions: 8.5"L x 8.5"W x 4"HExterior Dimensions: 10.81"L x 9.31"W x 3.88"HProduct Weight: 0.45 lbs5-Year...

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