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Pasta Makers & Tools

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    Marcato Atlas Pasta Dough and Clay Roller - Silver

    Atlas Pasta Roller evenly rolls pasta dough with a uniform thickness in minutes for authentic fresh homemade pasta. Roll dough for more consistent texture, cook time and flavor (up to 150-millimeters wide); roll 10 thicknesses, from paper-thin 0.6 to 4...

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    Marcato Atlas Pasta Drying Rack - Blue

    Marcato Atlas Pasta Drying Rack - Blue Marcato's Atlas Pasta Drying Rack offers ample space for drying up to 4.4-pounds of all types of long noodles and homemade pastas. Nothing tastes better than homemade pasta. Fresh pasta made in advance can be dried...

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    Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine Linguini Attachment

    Linguine Attachment for forming and cutting homemade pasta dough into long, narrow linguine noodles with the Atlas Pasta Machine Forms and cuts narrower ribbons of linguine noodles; attaches easily to the Atlas Pasta Machine (sold separately) Cuts dough...

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  • Trudeau Dough Blender (TR 09913082) Trudeau Dough Blender - Ergonomic handle

    Trudeau Dough Blender

    Trudeau Dough Blender There's a real art to producing light, flaky pastry! One of the keys to having it come out just right every time is a professional cutting technique.  With five reinforced stainless steel blades and a non-slip handle...

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