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Decorated Easter Jars

Decorated Easter Jars

Apr 7th 2019

Have you ever wondered what to do with all of those extra art supplies that you have lying around the house? Adorable and inexpensive, these Easter Bunny Jars are perfect for décor, gifts, or even just a fun little craft to do with the kids!

What You Will Need :

To Make:

  1. Get creative. There is no right or wrong way to make this as long as you are having fun!
  2. You'll be using the black acrylic paint to create the shadow of your bunny. (If you feel like painting is not your favorite past time, you can always use construction paper, stickers, etc)
  3. If you choose to go the painting route, you’ll want to consider sketching out your shadows on a sheet of paper to make a stencil.
  4. Cut out the shadow, keeping the remainder of the paper.
  5. Wrap the paper around the jar and tape it down.
  6. Fill in with black paint. You will want to do a few coats to make sure that the design is nice and opaque.
  7. Allow to dry.
  8. Once dried, take some colored ribbon and tie to the neck of the jar. Tie them off with a bow.
  9. Now we can add the contents; Add your candy, raffia, or whatever you like.
  10. For the final touch, write your Easter wishes, quotes, or the names of your loved ones (if you choose to use this as a gift for your Easter guests) on the chalkboard lids.
  11. Close the jars with the lids and enjoy!

Have an egg-cellent Easter!